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Zerman On Net - international web marketing based in Adelaide, Australia. Through here to Innovation in South Australian, Investing, Doing Business and Living & Working in SA.
Publishing consulting,Internet Marketing,Media and Communication Strategies,Bodysurfing and Handboards. Mail me, gracias!! quepaso

Australian web marketing, international intelligence.

"We bodysurf the online world launching editorially-based sites and conducting search engine marketing campaigns for local and international clients.
"Consider, por favor, that the Web is becoming less US-centric. Strategists located beyond North America can provide perspectives on the internet that are unique, and of benefit.
"Welcome to Zerman On Net - international web marketing based in Adelaide, Australia."

Cactus Beach, winter 98 - M Zerman
Cactus Beach, winter © M Zerman
email: Michael Zerman
phone: +61-0428-815-187
mobile: 0428-815-187
241 Rundle Street, level 1
Adelaide 5000
Telcos & Punk Rock: "Australia's Roadrunner music magazine resurrected"
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